Momming is..

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This is my 2nd Mother’s Day. I’m beyond grateful for this gift. I don’t take it for granted how lucky I am to both be a mom and have my mom in my life.

I also know how hard this day can be for some. How long it might have taken you to get here or the pain of having lost a child or mom. My heart and prayers are with you.

I think it’s important to remember that being a mom is more than birthing a baby. It’s the daily choice to be present and to take on this role.

Mom isn’t only a noun. It’s also a verb. 

Momming is..

giving part of yourself to another while becoming more whole in the process. 

being a role model, while learning the role yourself.

offering guidance but giving them space to make their own mistakes

showing up on your worst days

feeling guilty for giving in to another episode of Micky Mouse 

reading all of the parenting threads only to ignore them and do what you feel is best 

the hardest non-paying job (and the greatest)

a lifetime adventure

the immense capacity to get more done than humanely possible each day

to be exhausted and still not want another bedtime routine to come and go because it means that they will be 1 day older 

wishing you could bottle their soft skin and baby smell 


to develop supersonic hearing

to have unconditional love 

Momming is having your heart live outside of your body, your eyes in the back of your head, and bravely free falling into the unknown. 

Happy Badass Moms Club Day 😜

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